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Our Programs not only encourage a healthy lifestyle and fitness goals. In our standard curriculum, instructors of the ATSK discuss and plan the development of each student individually.

Our students

Our students’ advance each grading through focused goal setting, leadership development and healthy competition


We strongly believe in creating “champions in life” along with champions in Karate

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The ATSK’s principle instructors have won several State and National Kata and Kumite championships. Starting at a very early age. Our Instructors have trained, competed and instructed across India for the last 30 Years and have claimed numerous titles throughout their training career.

All of our instructors have claimed multiple Gold medals in various State and national level tournaments for many years. Our instructors routinely travel across the India and abroad to gain knowledge from contemporary karate masters which they then incorporate into the curriculum.


Developing Mind with Body

Child development experts now recognize the correlation between movement and cognitive learning – especially complex, functional movement as in karate which emphasizes balance and coordination.

Balance and Harmony

Karate seeks to harmonize intention, breath and movement.

Good for All Ages

Each student applies the principles of karate to their body

Longevity and Quality of Life

In addition to regular exercise, karate stimulates both the mind and body.

Functional Conditioning

Our program improves strength, flexibility, ability and increases stamina.


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